Marijuana Legalization News in New York

Today’s NY Times has some important Marijuana legalization news in New York today.  They report that the Governor today voiced his support for legalizing marijuana and citing a state Health Department report that favored legalization.   By all accounts it sounds like the Governor is signaling full support but indicating it will take some time to hammer out the details.  I think reading the tea leaves, there is no doubt that the state will legalize recreational marijuana within a year.

So the time is now to get started thinking about your new career or thinking about taking a cannabis-focused college major or cannabis occupational training.  I wish I was 20 right now – I would take all the marijuana industry training I could, then I would work my butt off and get in on the ground floor of this new major industry in New York, learn the ropes in the most difficult state to do business in, save as much money as I can and then I would go to a more business friendly state and start my own marijuana business.  There is an awesome pathway here folks to start a new career in a fresh and young industry that will be changing for some time.  Take this marijuana legalization news to heart.

Marijuana Legalization news the health department report
NY State’s Marijuana Report

The 75-page report, which can be found here, is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the industry.  It covers all aspects of the industry including economics, education, whats going on in the other states and of course, the implications for health.  The report is odd in one way however, there are no logos of NY or the Health Department and there is no author named.  Its very curious.  In this state everything is so political, I guess the Governor doesn’t want to put his name or his seal on this report in case it could come back to bite him in the election after the one this year when he is running to the left.