More Cannabis Jobs Now!

More cannabis jobs now! A couple of articles in the New Jersey Advance caught my eye today.  Both articles point to the explosive growth of marijuana or as I call it – more cannabis, more jobs.

More cannabis jobs now! One of the articles, “Judge orders town to pay for man’s medical marijuana. What that could mean for N.J.” explains how a  worker’s comp judge om N. J. required the town to reimburse the employee for the medical marijuana needed to treat his muscular spasticity.  The town had argues in court that to pay for his marijuana would violate federal law but the judge didn’t buy it and said they didn’t have to provide the marijuana but just reimburse him for it.  Also weighing into the judge’s precedent-setting decision is that there is fear that this employee would otherwise become addicted to opioids. The article goes on to say that the medical marijuana program in N.J. has grown from 16,000 patients at the beginning of the year to more than 25,000 and that the program grows by about 100 patients per day. At some point soon, on top of the pressure to allow medical marijuana in the first place, there is going to be extreme pressure on governments to expand production licenses.  Even conservative Oklahoma recently voted overwhelmingly to legalize medical marijuana!

More cannabis jobs now! The second article also in the NJ Advance, claims that NJ’s medical marijuana program is about to double in size and the governor called for up to 6 more providers to address supply problems that have plagued the program. Chronic pain and anxiety were added to the allowable uses and that has resulted in a big bump.  Other medical marijuana states are also expanding the allowable conditions. This has resulted in long lines and shortages of some strains.

Taken together what this means is that marijuana businesses are hiring and as new licenses are granted for the necessary expansion so will the jobs expand.  More cannabis, more jobs. Ultimately this scenario will be playing out in all of the states I believe so its time for you to get in on the ground floor of this new burgeoning industry!.  Take an inexpensive cannabis training course to see if its something you might be interested in as a career.  Even if you have your career path – wouldn’t it be nice to have a part time cannabis-job to augment your income and allow you to keep a close eye on the industry.

more cannabis jobs now!
Marijuana Entrepreneurs Certification

Many states are trying to implement programs for small or disadvantaged businesses so that they won’t get shut out of the marijuana businesses by the big players.  Wow what an opportunity! Get the training and certificate.  Start taking a look the state regulations on marijuana in your state and see what small business assistance is available.   This might be the business opportunity of a lifetime!


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