Cannabis Beer

a frosty glass of Cannabis Beer
Cannabis Beer

Lagunitas Brewing Co. in Petaluma, California has released a new product – a cannabis beer inspired sparkling water, laced with THC.  It comes in two strengths.

It is called Hi-Fi Hops Sparkling Water.  The highly (pun intended) anticipated product comes out on July 30, 2018.  In 2017 Lagunitas released SuperCritical Ale, a cannabis beer with marijuana aromatics, but no THC.

Cannabis beer and other cannabis beverages are clearly the wave of the future, especially as smoking, in general, is not as popular as it used to be and it impact those in your vicinity unlike a beverage.

Deloitte Consulting recently released a Cannabis Report that estimated that 3/4 of Canada’s projected $21 billion marijuana industry in Canada will be beverage-based.

This Fall, another brewer is releasing a THC laced cannabis beer.  This time, real cannabis beer but with the alcohol removed after the fact, to make it legal. It is very much illegal to sell products with both alcohol and THC right now so real cannabis beer isn’t available yet.  We wouldn’t want to run afoul of the government, would we?

Speaking of The Government

Oklahoma – Speaking of government laws and regulation…  The cannabis industry is so new and is evolving so fast, that laws need to be written and rewritten and ditto for regulations. For example, in Oklahoma, where on June 26, Oklahomans voted to legalize medical marijuana, the state quickly passed very restrictive regulations that are now being challenged in court because they exceed the authority granted by the ballot measure. Even lawmakers who didn’t support the marijuana ballot initiative are balking at the state executive’s overreach and say that restrictions would need to be made by the legislature, not the Governor. .

Ohio – In Ohio, the patient registry for medical marijuana recently had to be delayed because the supply is delayed and the legal protections that would shield people who might otherwise get in trouble with marijuana while the new law is being established is only good for a short period of time and the delay eats into that time and puts people at risk of arrest. Medical marijuana was supposed to be available in Ohio on 9/8 but none of the growers can make that date through no fault of their own.  So far, only one Ohio grower has passed the inspection and gotten the go-ahead to start growing.

Michigan – In Michigan they approved growing, transport and processing licenses but no inspection licenses have been approved, yet they are required by law to be in place in order to sell marijuana. It might have something to do with the fact hat the state has to review over 600 license applications!  The state is really disingenuous however and very hard on small businesses.  There is a $48,000 application fee put into place allegedly so the marijuana plan stays “revenue-neutral”.  Believe me, there is nothing “revenue-neutral” about marijuana sales.  The state is using this as an excuse and all it does is limit competition and shut local, small businesses out of the market. The state is going to rake the revenue in though.

Marijuana and the Stock Market

Cannabis stocks
Cannabis in Stock markets

Canadian medical marijuana producer, Tilray (TLRY) made big news as the first US Marijuana initial public offering (IPO) on a major US stock exchange this week. They are trying to raise $144 million to fund expansion and aquistitions.  The TLRY shares will be traded on the NASDAQ. This would be the third marijuana-based business on a major US stock exchange so far.  Two marijuana companies were added earlier this year; Canopy Growth (CGC) was listed on the NYSE in may and Cronos Group (CRON) listed on the NASDAQ early this year.  Both of those companies got their head start in Canada.

Because US banks are still iffy about marijuana because it is still the subject of federal prohibition and the federal government regulates the banking industry. Canadian companies are being actively courted by US banks, however, since marijuana is legal there.

Silicon Valley and Marijuana

The LA Times published an article yesterday about how employees of big tech companies are moving on to take a chance at marijuana-based businesses and start-ups.  These former Apple, Amazon, and Uber-type employees are working in droves now in cannabis start-ups especially.  The emerging nature of the fast-growing industry is pretty exciting and gives tech employees a chance to get in on the ground floor of something that could end up making them very rich one day. Imagine working at a future Microsoft or Google!

The article explains that there are three primary reasons for this migration.

1. Money. Cannabis wages are comparable to tech companies.

2. Opportunity.  An emerging industry that is growing in leaps and bounds and where the laws are literally changing daily is very exciting and presents the opportunity for real go-getters to thrive and grow.

3.  Social. People really like pot and are eager to help remove the stigma attached to pot use and it’s seen as trendy.

Growth and Need for TrainingStudent learning the cannabis industry on-line

Take all this news together and you can see how exciting the industry is and the opportunity for explosive growth is strong.  Now is the time to sign up for some basic cannabis education and get something official on your resume (a completed certificate program or just as good, that you are currently enrolled in a certificate program, so don’t wait.)

THC University has over 11,000 students!  With THC University you pay a small monthly fee with no long-term commitment ($50 a month right now) and work the courses at your own pace.  They have extensive help and career resources for students as well.  If you sign up for more than one month at a time you get significant discounts. They continually add to the curriculum to stay abreast of new technology and regulatory environment.  They just added a new class on terpenes – the healing link between essential oils and cannabis.

Get your training now, and move your career path into this exciting new frontier.  I am an affiliate of THC University and if you purchase training through my link I get a small commission that does not increase your fee.  Thank you for helping me keep this blog going.  I am really enthusiastic about bringing New Yorkers and others news and information about the cannabis job market- especially in NY which lags behind the rest of the country when it comes to jobs and economic development.