Massachusetts Legalization News legalization news in Massachusetts and Colorado

Very informative interview on today for those of us that are following legalization news including the implementation of a recreational marijuana program in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts legalization status is that it is going very slowly and there are no labs licensed yet! One of the Commissioners on the newly created Cannabis Control Commission is very candid about the process and status.

Shaleen Title, a long-time legalization advocate calls this her life’s work.  She is the only commissioner that actually voted for legalization.  It’s a must-read if you are trying to look into your crystal ball to see what’s going to happen in NY.

I think its probably safe to say that all we have to do is look at Mass. and expect largely the same process in NY.  Check it out here.

Colorado Legalization News

Interesting case in Colorado where a large portion of sales by one marijuana company was via “looping” – like going through the 10 item or less line twice in a row.  People were buying the legal limit “per transaction” over and over again.  Police evidence shows one person making 35 trips in and out of the store in 5 hours.  Even though this company’s sales were out of sight compared to other companies, it was not discovered through the regulatory system   The company in trouble sold 6.75 pounds a day on average while the other Denver stores sold an average of 1.38 pounds.

That should have jumped out like a sore thumb at the regulators but it did not.  The Denver Police caught on and contacted regulators.

What is interesting about this case is

  1. Marijuana seems to be treated exactly like alcohol sales and while most of the budtender’s charges have been dismissed, it’s a concern.
  2. The law says that “A Retail Marijuana Store and its employees are prohibited from selling more than one ounce of Retail Marijuana flower or its equivalent in Retail Marijuana Concentrate or Retail Marijuana Product during a sales transaction to a consumer.”

So define sales transaction.  One can argue that there was no prohibition on multiple “transactions” but it’s going to be hard to argue that you didn’t know that over the course of several hours you put more marijuana in one person’s hands then they were allowed to possess.  Check out the Denver Post article here.  I will follow the case and report back to you when there is more news. I am sure the folks in Massachusetts and other states are watching this legalization news closely as well.

Here are police evidence photos showing the car of the person who made 35 trips – 2.75 pounds in the car.

Colorado illegal sale case

Police Evidence Sweet Leaf Case #49


Trunk full of illegal marijuana in Colorado
Police Evidence Photo #48