Training for Marijuana Industry Jobs

Looking for a job in a dispensary,  or just trying to get your foot in the door in the marijuana industry?  You need training for marijuana industry jobs. Get a training certificate from a reputable source and boost your resume to the top of the pile.  Would you like to work in a grow facility and you have some personal skills in that area?  How do you show your skills without admitting you are an outlaw who trained in your basement?  Get a certificate and then dazzle them with your knowledge at the interview.  The fact that you’ve backed up your skills with a solid certification from a training provider with a solid reputation shows an employer that:

  • You understand the importance of training for marijuana industry jobs;
  • You are serious and not a “stoner” who just thinks it would be cool to be a budtender (it is cool!);
  • You know how to work hard;
  • When you want something, you go for it;
  • You can see things through and are therefore dependable;
  • You can learn and are ready to learn more;
  • You are smart enough not to fall for a fly-by-night trainer;
  • You understand this is a business at its heart.

One-Day Seminars Not Great

There are many other ways to get training for marijuana industry jobs. Some training opportunities that seem like a good idea are often just opportunistic fly-by-night trainers that make a mint and then walk out the door, never to be seen again. Recently, I have seen many pop-up training seminars in key states where regulated marijuana has recently become legal or where medical marijuana has been legal for awhile.  They aren’t the great deal you think they are.  While a certificate after 4 hours in a hotel ballroom seems quick and easy , it’s not a good idea. It’s money down the drain. Here’s why:

  • $300.  You can do much better at a reputable on-line training entity;
  • You get a certificate whether you slept through the class or not, and employers know this;
  • No one knows the identity of the certificate provider.  Employers have never heard of them;
  • You have to pay for your travel and hotel if you don’t already live in the big city;
  • There is no post-certificate training support like job boards and resume assistance;
  • The certificate is limited to one topic.  It is a very narrow curriculum that you can go over in 4 hours so not so useful on your resume;
  • You are going to get the same 4 hours on the first day of on-the-job training except you won’t even get your foot in the door;
  • Employers don’t trust pop-up schools.

Hundreds of Resumes

Marijuana in New York is going to become legal very soon.  I guarantee when marijuana is legalized, the applications for available jobs will be sky high!  What would you do if you were an employer who got all these resumes? You don’t have the time to interview everyone so what do you do?  You look at all these resumes and pull out the ones who have training in the field. Not training growing your own, rolling your own or selling marijuana illegally.  That is going to get your resume thrown out the door.  So you have a few options:

  1. Keep all marijuana related stuff off the resume and look like a complete newbie. Remember, you are just a resume at this point.
  2. Try to write about your illegal marijuana experience without looking like someone who not only doesn’t follow the law, but won’t follow your employer’s important rules either.
  3. Get a legit training certification and add not only the certification itself on your resume, but be able to add a list of the specific topics you learned about. Make your resume stand out!

Wouldn’t something like this look great in your resume under “Education”?  This is from an actual resume of a student from THC University:

Successfully earned the following marijuana industry certifications:

Cannabis Business Certification

Marijuana 101

Grow Basics

Budtender Basics Certification


Horticulture Specialist Certification

Colorado State Laws and Regulations


The Essence of Business to Remember

It sounds harsh, but here is the truth. Business is about money, period.  Some people don’t realize that.  They think businesses have a soul and should be community-minded. They conflate business with government and think business should serve the people.  Well, business exists for one reason only and that is to make money so they want to hire the person who is going to cost them the least and make them the most.  Remember this at the interview – Business exists only to make money.  After you get the job, you can help make the business community-minded and soulful.  It is good for business to be that way! But you have got to have a solid resume to ever even get an interview so get the training now and don’t wait!

Marijuana legalization is coming to NY at lightning speed!

Best Training for Marijuana Industry Jobs

I have carefully reviewed the various marijuana training companies and have settled on one which I think is the best value training for marijuana industry jobs.  That is THC University.

Wouldn’t it feel great to be prepared for the coming job wave and have this under your belt?  Your resume is going to cut right through the pile and get to the top.  I am an affiliate of THC University because I believe in their value.  As you know, I get a small commission if you purchase through one of these links.  There are many other companies I could affiliate with.  I could easily list 8 here on my website but I have affiliated only with the one I feel offers the best value.


training for marijuana industry jobs
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