Marijuana Won the Election

Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Michigan

Voters in Michigan approved a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Legalized in Missouri and Utah

Missouri voters voted to allow medical marijuana.

Utah voters voted to allow medical marijuana.

Many cities voted to decriminalize or otherwise reform marijuana law.

Also several Governor’s races were won by reformist candidates so the environment is favorable in those states, to act like NY’s Governor, who will propose a bill or make a proposal as a part of the budgeting process.

Florida and Illinois are on investors’ watch list too.

North Dakota…Not So Fast

North Dakota did not pass proposition #3 which was the most ridiculously liberal marijuana law you could imagine; no limit on possession, no governing body to oversee retail operations, prohibits prosecution of any marijuana offense as long as it didn’t relate to a person under 21.

Whoever wrote that proposition was smoking the wacky weed for sure and the people that voted it down were not.

New Gallop Poll

Gallop 2018 survey

Gallop released their latest survey data on marijuana and reported that 66% of Americans now support legalization.

The Green Rush is on…


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