House, Senate Majorities and Marijuana

Elections Have Consequences

What do the election results mean for cannabis?  I have seen opinions from every possible angle.  One of them will be right.  It might as well be mine, so here are my thoughts.  Please forgive my jaded opinions of politicians. I can’t help myself.

House of Representatives

I think Republican House members will increasingly support marijuana because the majority of the population does and they want to get re-elected.  This bodes well for the House being able to pass a bill.  Democrats will support anything they think young people and people of color want because they want to get re-elected. Even though all their leaders are septuagenarians or better, they like to feel like they are back in their Woodstock days, young and carefree – Free college, free healthcare, free transportation, free cannabis, free love, free weed…


So if a House bill to eliminate or modify prohibition gets to the Senate, it has a good chance of getting a debate and vote because Republicans believe in state’s rights and may go along for that reason.  I would say that another great reason for Republicans to vote on prohibition is that they want to get votes and the population supports it.  The only problem with this is that Republicans can’t get their act together. The various groups within the party from right to center cannot agree and will not vote as a bloc like Democrats do.

Gridlock is Good

I really don’t want to see prohibition lifted. I would like to see medical research in a big way but other than that – I want the feds to stay out of it.  Once prohibition is lifted, all small business opportunities begin to diminish and if states get their acts together in some uniformity, there will be no small businesses left in marijuana. I think the gridlock of a split federal government might be a good thing for cannabis in the US.

Gridlock’s Gridlock

My only concern is if the Democrats go all Biblical vendetta on President Trump, this will be a disaster for the whole country although cannabis consumption will go through the roof because aren’t we all sick of the power plays and petty politics and can’t our representatives take a break once in a while and do the people’s business? (Ahem, how about AFTER the election you do what you were elected to do?)

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.



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