Widespread Canadian Cannabis Shortage

Experts are predicting Canada will suffer a legal weed shortage until at least 2020.  What do Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have in common?  They have all had serious cannabis shortages.

Devastating for Business and Hourly Employees

One dispensary took only a few hours to sell out and had to close their doors before lunch on opening day.  This is devastating for the businesses that depend on the predicted revenue and employees who depend on the hours of pay they expected to get. One dispensary suspended online sales because they sold have their inventory online in minutes.

Government’s Inaction – Time to Speak Up!

Everyone said this wasn’t going to happen, but seriously, the government kills just about everything it touches.  The government doesn’t care about businesses failing or investors’ money going down the drain.  Government has little regard for business and most government employees have never had to make a payroll or pay attention to the bottom line. Instead of re-grouping and re-engineering their processes, they will continue to slow walk the applications for licenses unless they are re-motivated.

Convicting Government Incompetence – Time to Speak Up!

In May 2018, Marijuana Business Daily reported that the Canadian government had more than 500 cultivation licensing applications pending. On average, these applications take a few months to years to approve or deny. Even after licensing and getting the OK to start growing, they still have to apply for sales permits which are taking on average, 341 days to approve!

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