New York Marijuana News Update

Governor Cuomo’s Plan

Governor Cuomo is going to propose marijuana regulation. Note, he calls it “regulation” and not “recreation” so as not to remind anyone that marijuana can be fun.  He will propose it as a part of his proposed budget for the 19-20 fiscal year.

I have been predicting this for months- since the Governor issued the Health Department’s report ahead of the election to signal his new position on legalization, ahem, I mean regulation.  Because marijuana legalization has a revenue component, Cuomo does not need any legislators to introduce a bill for him.  The state constitution allows him to propose whatever he likes as a part of the budgeting process if it has a fiscal impact, so he can take all the credit.

New York Will Screw it Up

If you are wondering how it will go, one can expect the state will tax it too high, will allow local governments to pile on and tax it into oblivion, will allow town boards to ban it completely (we have whole towns in NY that are orthodox Jewish and allowed to be segregated if you can believe that) and will not allow home cultivation so as not to forsake the tax revenue and well – NY will generally screw it up. 

Lacking Transparency

One more prediction – selection of who gets licenses will not be pretty.  There will be a façade of a minority and small business boost, but it will really be restricted to big money interests by virtue of overwhelming hurdles and red tape.  You can decide how much of that is designed to encourage campaign contributions.  This governor has made a science of it. Five checks for $5K each show up on the governor’s doorstep and magical things are known to have happened…

Slime Ball Politics

There will be a social justice aspect, but it will be window dressing and not meaningful.

NYC already has its eye on the tax revenue to fix the subways.  As if! They are too far gone for just one weed to fix them.

As soon as the Governor releases his budget I will critique the bill and post it here.

He has until 2/1/19 to issue his proposed budget. 


Director of Cultivation

Requirement: a background in horticulture or agriculture

Advanced degrees sometimes required.

Familiarity with cannabis is preferred, but more importantly, real greenhouse experience.

Salary range for qualified professionals: $90,000 to $250,000

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