Cuomo Drops Recreational Marijuana From the Budget

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Governor Cuomo has agreed to drop recreational marijuana regulation from his proposed budget.  He and leaders of the Senate and Assembly say it could be taken up again before the legislative session ends on June 19th.  Even though Cuomo indicated that there is a $3 billion that could have been helped out by legalization to the tune of $300 million, he said they just ran out of time to get it all done.



Tax the Rich Instead

No surprise here as Cuomo sprinkled his budget full of big policy items still being haggled over.  He says he replaced it with a tax on people who have condos and co-ops in NYC worth $5 million or more.  The rich just can’t get out of NY fast enough and Cuomo and his colleagues can’t seem to kick them out fast enough.

Are they High?

I think there should be mandatory drug testing daily for our Governor and elected legislature to see if their vote should count or not.

Banana Haze

So NY’s ”three men in a room” budget negotiations continues (albeit “two men and one woman in a room”) in secret and New Yorkers will continue to support illegal drug trafficking except for those lucky enough to be able to drive to Massachusetts for their Banana Haze or Optimus Prime.

Stay Tuned

In the meantime pro-legalization lobbyists and their clients have dropped million$ in campaign contributions on Albany.  Was that why he put a half-baked (pun intended) law in the proposed budget, knowing he would pull it out and start the avalanche of campaign cash again later?  I am be cynical but I’ve been in Albany a long time so you know what I think.


I will keep you updated on Albany and legalization.

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