About Us

NY Marijuana Jobs is dedicated to preparing NY’s workers for the coming job revolution.  Legalized marijuana in NY is going to be as big as the dot-com boom or the creation of the internet.  There will never be a business opportunity like this in our lifetimes. We are watching the cannabis industry, the training industry, other states and the NY and Federal governments to bring you the latest and most important news to allow you to get that great marijuana industry job or small business opportunity you’ve been dreaming about.


The criminalization of marijuana hurts poor people and people of color disproportionately.  For this reason and others, the authors of this site feel strongly that marijuana needs to be intelligently legalized for adults.  Lets bring marijuana into the mainstream and handle its properties head on and not in the black market or in the criminal justice system.

What’s Next?

Learn more about medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and the jobs that are and will be available.  You just might find out that marijuana or the career you may have in it, bring you a better life and lifestyle. Keep an open mind. Get some training.

NY Marijuana Jobs

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C. Davis