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Cuomo Screws NY’s Medical Marijuana Industry

Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You on the Way Out… Governor Cuomo unveiled his proposed budget (page 200 of this link) which includes a recreational marijuana law called the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act. For those who are invested in the big marijuana companies it is disappointing but small businesses will be happy (except New York is the least friendly state to business in the nation). For the companies who have invested in New York for the Governor’s Medical Marijuana plan, he is thanking them with taking away their ability to expand into recreational marijuana and allowing medical marijuana patients to grow their own – a double whammy likely to make NY a disaster for them.  The three tier distribution model according to the governor’s speech will make sure the licenses don’t just go to the dreaded rich people.  He is dreaming of Washington and Sandra Lee will be the next Dolly Madison.  Call Your Legislators – Tell Them You Want Real Jobs Cue the lobbyists and legislators to start negotiating this turkey.  Contact your state legislators now – there is still time to correct this turkey.  There are lots of bombs in the Governor’s proposed budget… 

Columbia Care

HOT New York Marijuana Jobs – Columbia Care in Brooklyn Heights

  Apply on Columbia Care’s website here – they are opening a new dispensary in Brooklyn Heights. Per Diem Pharmacist Columbia Care LLC – New York, NY Part-time   Dispensary/Pharmacy Technician Columbia Care LLC – New York, NY Full-time, Part-time   Columbia Care is currently hiring full and part-time per diem pharmacists and dispensary technicians for their new, not yet opened, Brooklyn Dispensary. This is a great opportunity to join one of the fastest growing companies in the country and be a part of a new dispensary. This Brooklyn dispensary will be their 4th in the state joining Manhattan, Rochester and Riverhead. A great opportunity for a caring, motivated individual to carry out our mission and vision in Brooklyn, New York. The Dispensary will be located in Brooklyn Heights and is targeting an early 2019 grand opening. They are seeking coverage for multiple shifts including weekends.

New York Listening Sessions Continue

New York Listening Sessions Continue Governor Cuomo took some heat after tweeting “We want to hear from you as we work to draft legislation on a regulated marijuana program in New York.  Come out and share your thoughts.”  Love him or hate him, we all know he is calculated to the extreme in everything he does. Some of the responses were serious, some were funny and some made really great points. Waste of taxpayer dollars for window dressing – do they really care what you think? Just look at the other states and learn from them. Listening sessions is just a way to drag this out. Don’t bend to the lobbyists. Pandering as usual. Just legalize it dude, you aren’t good at listening anyway. Blah blah blah I want to be president blah blah blah. NY is a cartel. NY will tax it too high. Let us grow our own. Sorry – I was going to attend but then I got high. Here is the schedule for the listening sessions.  I think New York will get it mostly right but if they don’t allow people to grow their own limited number of plants and if they tax it too…