The Case Against Repealing Federal Prohibition

The Case Against Repealing Federal Prohibition The case against repealing federal prohibition right now in my mind is simple.  The government will screw it up because it will be pushed by deep pocketed special interests and political motivations.  In Canada, a country with myriad laws and levels of governments similar to the United States, legalization was rushed and it’s gonna be a mess.  One can only hope that we will learn from Canada’s mistakes.  I think a better tack for the short term would be simply to decriminalize and keep the industry in the hands of small businesses within each state.  The feds should work on freeing up industrial hemp and cannabis medical research but lay back and watch what happens in Canada for a while. Canada already has run out of pot! Sit back and watch.    

Legalization of Marijuana and Recent Marijuana News

Lots of Cannabis and Legalization of Marijuana News Recently. Here is a quick summary of marijuana news stories in the news lately. Very conservative-minded Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma – the 30th state to have done so. The health commissioner there says he is ready to go with the regulations and necessary procedures and have created a new entity – the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. The fact that this passed easily in such a conservative state bodes well for the rest of the states which do not currently allow medical marijuana. Lots of marijuana news to report… Michigan (recreational) and Utah (medical) will be voting on this soon as well. USA today recently reported that the BIG 3 basketball league is now the first sports league to permit marijuana CBD products for use by its players for pain management and recovery.  CBD also was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances. The FDA approved Epidiolex, the first drug containing CBD to be approved.  Epidiolex will be used for seizure disorders.  Also the government refused to further restrict cannabis beyond how it is currently restricted. Massachusetts recently legalized recreational marijuana the state…